Carbon Market Opportunities in Southern Mediterranean Countries

To date, Southern Mediterranean countries have hosted a limited number of projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). There are three challenges to the participation of middle income countries in future carbon markets: the limited size of future demand for offsets or credits; restrictions on the use of CDM credits in Phase III of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme; and the lack of prompt preparation for the start of new market-based mechanisms. This study examines existing and emerging activities in Southern Mediterranean countries that could fit into new market based mechanisms. It explores options for the evolution of mechanisms and discusses the merits of post-2012 carbon funds in bridging the gap between the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol and the entry into force of a new international agreement.


Noriko Fujiwara is Head of Climate Change and Research Fellow, Monica Alessi is Programme Manager, Climate Change and Anton Georgiev is Associate Researcher at CEPS.

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Mon, 19/03/2012
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Noriko Fujiwara, Monica Alessi and Anton Georgiev
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