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Scientific Bureau, IMRI team leader
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After graduating from HEC Paris in 1965, Jawad Kerdoudi was recruited by the Bureau for Exports Commercialization of Morocco which had the monopoly on Moroccan exports of agricultural products by then. After a successful career, he became chief officer of the bureau in Hamburg (Germany) and New York (United States) while at the same time being Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco. He came back to Morocco where he held various executive positions within the Bureau of Exports Commercialization and its holding company. After being in charge of wine exports, he retired in 2002 and created the Moroccan Institute of International Relations (IMRI) in 2003, a think tank devoted to the analysis of changing international relations. Simultaneously to his executive position at IMRI, Jawad Kerdoudi teaches international trade at graduate level in Rabat and Casablanca. He is the author of several books on Moroccan external trade, on the Spanish model in addition to regular articles and commentaries in the Moroccan media.