MEDPRO will produce the following outputs:

  • A series of databases for each field of study containing updated and harmonised data;
  • Newsletters in English, French and Arabic, which will be sent at regular intervals to the wider audience;
  • Policy briefs targeted to policy-makers and other experts;
  • Academic publications to be published at the end of the project in scientific journals to ensure that the findings are accessible to the academic community;
  • Technical reports to be made available to all interested parties to guarantee the widest dissemination of studies undertaken; and,
  • A final book on scenarios for development in the MEDA region and future cooperation with Europe.

The following activities will be organised:

  • Six scientific workshops to discuss work progress and interim findings, to be held in Milan, Lisbon, Brussels, Marseille and Athens;
  • Two international stakeholder engagement workshops to be held in Barcelona; and,
  • Four international conferences with all stakeholders to be held in Cairo, Tunis, Barcelona and Brussels.

The impact on policy-makers, stakeholders, practitioners and the public at large will be broadened via the MEDPRO network in cooperation with other established think tanks and networks.  It will be strengthened by the publication of research results in the media by the participating researchers.