MEDPRO Kick-off meeting

14/04/2010 09:00
15/04/2010 17:00
Speakers : 
MEDPRO Team members


Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
Place du Congres, 1
50° 51' 1.3392" N, 4° 21' 50.094" E

On 14-15 April 2010 CEPS hosted the kick-off meeting of MEDPRO which aimed at introducing the conceptual issues of the project in order to define a common and coordinated approach to the foresight analysis. Each work package (WP) leader presented the main research questions based on the stylized facts and trends at play in the South Mediterranean countries and the methodologies to be used for the analysis. The discussions allowed clarifying major aspects of the work such as the linkages between work packages, the relations between qualitative and quantitative scenarios, the overall scientific coordination as well as major administrative matters governing the project. The meeting also decided on the governance structure of the project by setting out the definitive composition of the Scientific Bureau and the Scenario building committee.